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Rooms and suites in the 4-star Schneeberghof

Welcome to Puchberg am Schneeberg in our rooms for connoisseurs, romantics, sporty people and conference guests.

Memories of retreats and favourite places.

When the view becomes part of the vision. And the motivating Schneeberg smiles in through the window. The tunes of yesteryear tug on the heartstrings. Alpine chic meets stylish nature. And all with you in the middle. Not only strength, but also relaxation lies in rest. After all, everyone lies in the bed they make. A phrase that doesn't just apply to our sleep, but our lives in general. On holidays, too. In fact, it's even more true on holiday. When it comes to holiday accommodation, you cannot leave anything to chance.

You can enjoy the feeling of yesteryear and the luxurious comfort and loving attention to detail of tomorrow. There is indulgence in aesthetics, and cosiness is top priority. This is where fine natural materials come into their own. In beautiful colours and warm tones. With perspectives that invigorate. Have some me-time, relax. And reinvigorate your body and senses.

You not only feel the aura of letting go and recharging your batteries, but also a new freedom that comes from change. Where your strengths swing back into balance. And maybe even take off. And you land gently on your feet, over and over again...

So how about a night in Puchberg am Schneeberg? The 4-star Schneeberghof

Holidays awaken memories. Of beautiful moments full of vigour and inspired dreams in rooms. Because you want to indulge on the most precious days of the year. At the 4-star Schneeberghof, you can enjoy your own four walls with a top-class panorama. Lots of room to breathe, the view of the mountain of mountains, the wonderfully clear air and wealth of amenities. The spacious bathroom, muted colours, fresh feel, comfortable armchairs and above all a spacious balcony or terrace with a wonderful view make every room a "private viewing experience"!

Whether you want an active holiday, romantic days for two or just a nice holiday with the family, we look forward to you visiting us in Puchberg at the Schneeberghof!

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