Beauty treatments in Puchberg.

Cosmetics at the 4-star Schneeberghof.


What the fresh air, the alpine flair, the relaxation, the delicious cuisine and gentle hands can achieve in a very short time almost borders on a miracle.

Soul images. Mirror images. True beauty does not only come from within, but is always an image of the soul. It's what makes our inner self vibrate and ring, the heart laugh and the soul do somersaults. That's why it's all the more important to find yourself beautiful. Sometimes being beautiful isn't enough. Because only those who love themselves can also find themselves beautiful.

It is always connecting with other people that does you good. A communication from soul to soul, from stroking, kneading and soothing hands with the bare skin and the deeper energy channels. &#;Treat yourself to some very special hours just for yourself. As a symbol for a new self-confidence. A radiant sense of self. A heartfelt self-love. And for inner beauty. Finally letting go. Relaxed down to the last fibre. Feel the radiance rising from the depths.

The natural care lines at the Schneeberghof, authentic, pure and genuine, which also brings the deep glow to the outside and not only has an anti-ageing effect, but above all focuses on mir-ageing and cour-ageing.

Enjoy a few days in the Schneeberghof&#;wellness hotel&#;and let our great range of cosmetics win you over.

Beauty cosmetics to enjoy.

The extraordinary care line from Dr. Grandel.

Professional standards and scientific methods ensure cosmetics that focus on optimised nature. This gives you the secure feeling that you have chosen the best. DR. GRANDEL Cosmetics stands for - perfection that touches.

Full cosmetic treatment

Neck massage, cleansing, vapozon, pore cleansing, eyebrow shaping, massage, pack

Duration:&#;80&#;min&#;| Price: € 86.00

Little facial

Cleansing, vapozon, pore cleansing, pack

Duration:&#;50&#;mins | Price: € 62.00

More applications

Tint eyelashes€ 10.00
Tint eyebrows€ 8.50
COMBO Tint eyelashes and eyebrows€ 16.00
Beautiful moments Eyebrow shaping and colouring, eyelash colouring€ 28.00


Face and neck harmony massage

Counteracts mental and physical tension.

Duration:&#;25&#;mins | Price: € 39.00


Cuddle Weekend

2 nights Enjoy the time together.

Cuddle Weekend
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