Experience relaxing hours in our hotel with sauna on the Schneeberg.

Sauna, steam bath and more at the 4-star Schneeberghof.


A true sweat paradise awaits you in the sauna area of the Hotel Schneeberghof in Austria. Two saunas invite you to pamper yourself. In the Finnish sauna with its 90 degrees and natural aroma infusions, you will work up a sweat. In the herbal sauna at a pleasant 55 degrees, the wonderful scent of herbal extracts wafts out. The sauna area is complemented by an aroma steam bath and a tepidarium. After your sauna session, you can relax in the relaxation lounge on pleasant heated loungers or in the relaxation room on comfortable recliners.

Our sauna area features:

Quiet room

Feel the cosy warmth in the panorama relaxation room with an unspoiled view of the Schneeberg. Enjoy long breaks in comfortable relaxation loungers and switch off to leave the stress of everyday life behind.

Tea bar

A tea bar with fruit and fruit juices in the wellness area, exclusively for our hotel guests, completes the sauna experience. Fresh spring and soda water invigorate body and soul after the sauna session. You can relax in good company with revitalising drinks and vitamins from the fruit basket.

Finnish sauna - 90°C

Just a few minutes in the Finnish sauna will take even the busiest day off your mind. Lean back, relax and gather new strength. Sauna bathing brings body and mind back into natural balance. And with all the joy of sweating, chatting and bathing, you can also do something for your physical fitness. That's because the heat of a sauna strengthens the immune system and is good for your skin.

Herbal sauna - 55°C

Sweating is gentler in the herbal sauna. The temperature is around 55°C and the humidity is increased to around 45% by an evaporator with herbal extracts. The lower temperatures warm up the body more slowly and protect the circulation.

Aroma steam bath - 45°C

Steam baths are popular and above all healthy. It is a pleasant sweat bath, similar to the sauna, but with a completely different climate. Not as hot and a lot wetter. The low temperatures between 43° - 46°C and the relative humidity are ideal for relaxation. And anyone who loves beautiful skin will appreciate the moist warmth of the steam bath. It promotes blood circulation, cleanses and invigorates the skin.

Tepidarium - 38°C

In ancient thermal baths, the tepidarium was a lukewarm room located between cold and hot baths. In our modern bathing landscapes, the regeneration bath with its pleasant radiant heat is an integral part of healthy relaxation. The temperate room climate and approx. 38°C heat ensure a multitude of health benefits. The gentle strengthening of the immune system is the main highlight here.


Our solarium, which is located on the 3rd floor in the "Beauty & Vital area" in a separate room with its own shower, guarantees a gentle tan, so that you can relax and regenerate without disturbance.

Relaxation lounge

Cosy heated loungers and a starry sky invite you to relax. A flat screen TV with wellness films and music offers relaxation and recreation in a scented atmosphere.

Pure relaxation in the Wellness & Spa area

Immerse yourself in a true wellness experience! Before your sauna session, a relaxing massage awaits you to loosen your muscles and calm your mind. After the soothing warmth of the sauna, refresh yourself in the indoor pool. Feel the gentle waves of the water carry away all your worries and transport you into a state of pure relaxation. Enjoy the ultimate spa experience for body and soul!

Yin & yang. Tao, Chi or consciousness. Whatever we call it, we have a power within us that wants to be protected. Tended and cared for and nurtured like a flame. It's about the unity of body, mind & soul. What we also call life or heart energy is our most precious treasure. That's why we relish the idea of taking time to ourselves once in a while.

It is important to take a break every now and then. Relax your brain and get new insights. A journey into your self. Or put yourself first for a change. Forget the heartaches of the past. Look ahead. Look within. In your wellness hotel with a sauna on the Schneeberg in Lower Austria. Have a wonderful holiday! In the sauna area of the 4-star Schneeberghof you can enjoy the interplay of warmth, energy and tranquillity.

Like a wave, the inner warmth takes you into new worlds of well-being. Of switching off. Of reducing and decelerating. And awakens memories that slowly rise. Of new ideas, visions and fresh energies that leave you wanting more. You will feel a new form of balance, harmony and peace within yourself.


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