Hotel with pool in Lower Austria

Water - the elixir of life.

Hotel with pool in Lower Austria

Indoor pool at Hotel Schneeberghof

Indoor pool for relaxing

In the beginning there was water. The source of well-being. Immerse yourself in the lightness of being and enjoy the freshness and clarity of the spacious pool area. Pure. Energetic and unencumbered. Harmony needs balance. A counterpoint to the hectic hustle and bustle that often has us firmly in its grip. So just take a break. From obligations. From the rat race. From our failure to appreciate life. And from tangled emotions.

How? That's easy: Relax, let go and let yourself be pampered at the &#;wellness hotel&#; Schneeberghof - your 4-star hotel with pool in Lower Austria. Our magnificent spacious indoor pool with comfortable loungers awaits you. You can also connect with your own personal evolution.

Enjoy long breaks in the indoor pool in comfortable loungers and switch off to leave the stress of everyday life behind or to read a good book. The indoor pool (approx. 27°) with floor jets, counter-current system and dousing shower offers relaxation from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. for young and old. Feel the invigorating effect of the elixir of life.

Indoor pool with waterfall shower
Indoor pool with a pleasant 27-degree water temperature
Relax and let go in the swimming pool at Hotel Schneeberghof

Because human beings are literally water creatures in their very development. All life evolved from water. For billions of years, all life was marine life. Even today, our body water is more like seawater than freshwater - and when we sweat or cry, we excrete fluids that are similar in composition to seawater. You could say: when plants and later animals left their living environment of water, they took it with them. We carry the water in our body around with us, so we are 'walking water', so to speak. The earth is a kind of closed system in which water is recycled over and over again. Over millions of years, only small amounts of water have come from space. That means: the water in our body consists of molecules that have been re-used again and again since time immemorial and that have 'experienced' countless existences before us in a different form. This makes us part of the earth's huge water cycle. That's why we enjoy it. So let's internalise it. And let's enjoy the memories of a time before our time, after our time...


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