Hospitality and family flair.

4-star superior Hotel Schneeberghof in Puchberg.

Holidays are something very personal. They are rare, precious opportunities to unwind, relax and feel good. Because time is the new luxury. Time for ourselves, time to regenerate, time to recharge. Therefore, enjoy modern 4-star comfort in the Hotel Schneeberghof, with a very special touch of personal care and individual service.


How it will be.

Remembering. Forgetting. Reflecting. To the inner youth that tells of that time. The inner holiday that calls for relaxation right now - and the inner home that still needs your favourite place tomorrow.

Over the decades, the Schneeberghof has remained what it always was. A refuge between times. A place for time travellers to gather fresh energy and recharge their batteries.

Already in the century before last, the former hotel "Vindobona" delighted its guests with the impressive view of the limestone giant in front of the front door. After several changes of ownership, the historic building finally ended up in the hands of the Machacek family in the early 1990s&#;, who have always had a deep love for the Schneeberg region and the town of Puchberg. The house has been extensively restored and expanded.

Even today, with the impressive namesake Schneeberg as a backdrop to our hotel, you immediately arrive right in the middle of a new era and motivated to rediscover your own speed, even redefine your pace and let everything else do as it does for a while...

If the inside
turns outwards
And memories
become utterances
, happy guests
become enthusiasts
and permanent guests.

The 4-star Schneeberghof has a long-standing team of loyal, experienced and enthusiastic employees awaiting you who care about your well-being. We live service in its original form, as a heartfelt passion for and with the guest.

So let yourself be pampered with the little touch of extra service that we have for you. From the warm welcome to the checkout. And from a return visit to regular guest bonuses. Step into your own personal memories of and around the Schneeberg and the Schneeberghof! Relaxation and tranquillity in the wellness area - with a view of the natural scenery of the Schneeberg. Arrive. Switch off. Go. We don't just want to spoil you, we want you to feel ultimate relaxation and well-being with us!

Your Hosts
Manager: Gabriele Machacek
Director: Andrew Zenz


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Cuddle Weekend
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