Rooms and suites in the 4-star Schneeberghof.

Memories like home tastes.

There are many words to describe this homecoming feeling. You could call it the feeling of a "second home". Or holiday home. A "visit back home" would also be an option. But we should let the pictures speak for themselves. They speak a thousand words of a time of pure anticipation. For what is to come. Get here. Come to rest. Find your own "centre". And celebrate the finer things in life. Because good design has a lot to do with comfort. A lightness that begins when you wake up and does not end in your blissful daydreams. The Schneeberghof rooms and suites inspire with their wooden furnishing, a dash of luxury, pleasant interior design and a living ambience that says "welcome home". Open, airy bathrooms with lots of glass, comfortable, cosy beds and a minibar for a bedtime treat before you fall asleep.

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