Hiking on the Schneeberg in Lower Austria

Hiking tours & Nordic walking at the 4-star Schneeberghof.

Hiking on the SchneebergHiking on the Schneeberg
Der SchneebergDer Schneeberg
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Huts in the Schneeberg regionHuts in the Schneeberg region
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Hiking on the Schneeberg in Lower Austria

Hiking in Puchberg am Schneeberg in Lower Austria is popular, because Puchberg is one of the few Austrian hiking villages and has been awarded the Austrian hiking seal of quality. Only a few places in Austria have been awarded this rare accolade. It is only awarded to locations providing tailored infrastructure and services to hikers.

Puchberg am Schneeberg, beautifully situated at the foot of the limestone giant, is the first port of call for everyone who wants to see the paradise of views in all its beauty. Puchberg is also a certified hiking village with the 4-star Schneeberghof as a special hiking hotel. Hotel guests enjoy an extensive hiking service from a wide range of information about the most beautiful tours in the region to the option to hire equipment and book your own hiking guide. Family-friendly ski offers winter in the winter include the "SCHNEEBERG chairlift",&#; the "drag lift" and the "Wunderwiese" in the district of Losenheim. When it's cold enough, Puchberg's Kurpark pond becomes a natural ice skating rink.


The symbiosis of alpine lifestyle, living tradition and down-to-earth innovation creates a fascinating microcosm with mega-ambitions for those who like to live in style. All in the surroundings of the Schneeberg and its landscape, which dominates the sky above the spa resort of Puchberg am Schneeberg. You can even see the 2,076 m-high mountain massif from Vienna. The highest point of the Viennese Alps attracts mountaineers, climbers and hikers and is a popular destination for ski tourers in winter. It is often referred to as the Kaiser of the Viennese Alps, as it is renowned for keeping its snow crown until late spring.

Up the mountain by train

You might think you've lost the thread. And that's okay.&#;while your time here can take you in different directions, all it takes to get here is an easy train journey. From Vienna, take a southbound train via Wiener Neustadt. A familiar journey. Because if you want use public transport and arrive and depart stress-free, you are in good hands in Puchberg: You can reach the hiking village in a short time with the branch line from the Wiener Neustadt junction. From Puchberg railway station, it is just a stone's throw to the boarding point of the rack railway, which uses historic steam locomotives. A modern train visitors to the highest railway station in Austria in 40 minutes.



It's about seeing things eye-to-eye. Anyone who loves the mountains knows: Every peak changes the scale of things: High-low optics, mountain and day! In order to gain new perspectives from the intoxication of heights, all you have to do is blink at the sky and become almost weightless. This gives a glimpse of your rest from a life of speed and efficiency. Then you discover the little things: The small heart-shaped pebble lying at the side of the path, a dandelion at the edge of the stream greeting you charmingly with a wink, a rosehip swelling out of a little wall. It's suddenly really easy to find calmness in everyday life, even though in today's world, it is an act of rebellion....

We want to feel nature step-by-step. And experience the extraordinary natural idyll of the Schneeberg up-close. Rustic huts, romantic alpine meadows and hiking trails are waiting to be conquered.

Hiking in Lower Austria on the Schneeberg, overnight stays optional, with certified hiking guides, opens up the lavish splendour of our natural paradise. You can reach countless cosy restaurants by car or directly from the hotel on foot. These are often starting points for hiking freaks and summiteers or enjoyable final points after a successful tour!

But hiking on the Schneeberg in Austria is not a competitive sport and is the ideal complement to gentle wellness treatments. You can exert yourself, but don't overexert yourself. As long as you can hold a conversation easily, you are doing your body good. The silence of the forest, the scent of nature, the lush green of the meadows, a babbling brook, the soft forest floor and the ever-changing views stimulate your senses and fill your soul with joy.

The huts in the Schneeberg area

Hiking & Culinary delights around Schneeberg

One thing is clear around the Schneeberghof: after a hike, you can enjoy a stop at one of the numerous huts and alpine restaurants. Here, genuine cosiness and honest hospitality are still cultivated. Just two of the many superlatives on the Schneeberg: the highest refuge and probably the best Buchteln in the world. Most of the huts are only open in the warm season, usually from May to October - so for your spring, summer or autumn holiday, hearty hut fun is guaranteed in any case. Some selected huts also open their doors in winter.
Here you will find an overview of the extensive hut scene in and around Puchberg and the Schneeberghof:

Huts on the Schneeberg

  • Fischerhütte - ÖTK
    (managed) May to October
  • Damböckhaus - ÖTK
    May till October
  • Berghaus Hochschneeberg
    May till October
  • Schutzhütte Haltestelle Baumgartner
    May till October
  • Hengsthütte
    19 May - 19 November ( Monday, Tuesday day off ) 20 November - end of April Saturday, Sunday and holiday weeks open.
  • Ternitzerhütte
    From the beginning of May to the end of October the hut is open on weekends Saturday from 9 am to Sunday 4 pm and holidays.

Hütten in Puchberg

  • Almreserlhaus
    Jun. - mid Sep.: Mon. afternoon and Tues. day off, mid Sep. - end of May: Mon., Tues. and Wed. day off
  • Edelweisshütte
    Beginning of April to end of September;
  • Öhlerschutzhaus
  • Himbergerhaus
    Beginning of May to end of October on weekends, July and August daily

Huts around Puchberg and the Schneeberg

  • Naturfreundehaus Knofeleben
    Open daily from Easter to mid-November (closed on Mondays), closed from January to Easter.
  • Weichtalhaus
    Open all year, April to June, closed on Tuesdays & Mondays. No day off in July & September, open FR, SA, SO from November to March
  • Alpenfreundehütte am Krummbachstein
    May to October (weather permitting), open at weekends.
  • Pottschacher Hütte
    Open from April to the end of December, closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • Kienthaler Hütte Sektion des ÖTK
    Easter - All Saints' Day, Saturday from 11 a.m. to Sunday until 4 p.m., public holidays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Karl Langer Haus Selbstversorgerhütte
    Bookable all year round, booking obligatory
  • Geländehütte
    Easter to end of June, end of August to end of November, Saturday, Sunday and public holiday
  • Scheimhütte
    Saturday, Sunday and public holiday, from 09.00 a.m. onwards
  • Gauermannhütte
    From the beginning of May to the end of October, Saturday, Sunday and public holiday

The most popular hiking tours in Puchberg

Around Puchberg you will find hikes of all lengths and degrees of difficulty. Depending on your mood, you can start off on a one-hour walk through the village with the royal Schneeberg in view or choose from various hiking routes in the Schneeberg area and the immediate surroundings.

Rohrbach im Graben - Puchberg am Schneeberg

Medium-difficulty hike. Length: 14.99km; Duration: 05:00h.
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Local walk

Easy hiking route. Length: 3.51km; Duration: 01:00.
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Kaiserebenwiese Puchberg am Schneeberg

Medium-difficulty hiking route. Length: 18.19km; Duration: 06:00.

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Hochschneeberg / Klosterwappen plateau hike

Medium-difficulty hiking route. Length: 7.3 km; Duration: 02:50h.
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Local walk

Easy hiking route. Length: 3.51km; Duration: 01:00.
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Schoberwände Puchberg am Schneeberg

Medium-difficulty hiking route. Length: 19.29km; Duration: 06:10h.
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Discover the Schneebergland together with certified hiking guides

The Schneebergland is a region full of emotions, experiences and delights. And the chance to fully engage with pure nature, as much-used as the phrase may sound. If you come here, you will definitely find it. Depending on what you are looking for, you will discover magnificent views or gain new insights. Improve your fitness and or reduce your personal stress level.

Guided hikes show the way to unique places for recharging your batteries and arriving. Here you can finally find the time to rediscover, rethink and possibly reduce your own speed. The Schneebergrundweg is a natural monument and a great myth, as is the Hochschneeberg plateau hike or the Weningersteig. The hiking trails that criss-cross the landscape around Puchberg are as diverse as the landscape itself. Hiking in the Schneeberg area is fun for young and old alike, and a variety of excursion destinations complement the offer.

From tour planning to guided hike with certified hiking guides

All guided tours are circular walks and are accompanied by certified hiking guides. The tours are offered every Thursday and start - depending on the tour - individually. The hikes are planned and discussed in detail the day before. Our hiking guides accompany you on the most beautiful hiking trails and show you the most hospitable huts as well as the places with the best views.

Starting in 2023, our hotel director Andreas Zenz will also be one of the 6 hiking guides accompanying these weekly tours.

Further information on the "10 most beautiful hiking tours in the Schneeberg region", on family hikes or multi-day tours:

Hiking in Puchberg

Nordic walking

Nordic walking is the on-trend sport for young and old. It's easy on the joints and knees, relieves muscle tension and pain in the neck and shoulders, improves fitness and burns over 400 calories every hour.&#;

Furthermore, you learn simple methods to "let go" and relax. Or simply borrow Nordic walking sticks from the hotel and walk alone, with a partner or with friends on the Nordic walking route through Puchberg. Get involved, invest in your own health. It's never too late to take the first step.


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