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4-star superior Hotel Schneeberghof in Puchberg


The 4-star Schneeberghof has remained what it always was. A place of memories for tomorrow. And a cherished place to relax. Enjoy modern 4-star comfort in the Hotel Schneeberghof, seasoned with a very special touch of personal care and individual service.

Time moves quickly nowadays; sometimes it flies. "Stress", a relatively new word in the German lexicon, often rolls over us like a hurricane several times a day. &#;Time to take things a little easier.

Let's take a little trip back in time. Into your self – or from the past into the future. The Schneeberghof is your hotel in Puchberg am Schneeberg, a special place for time travellers. Immerse yourself in your own youth, in the impressive limestone massif with its nostalgic rack railway, the contemplative, cosy huts and the wealth of hiking paths. And the feeling of waking up in the morning well-rested. That feeling of vitality when your batteries are freshly recharged and you inner clock is ticking along in sleep mode again.

Hospitality is a big word. Because it's about old values. Friendship, service and relaxation. Well-being for body, mind and soul. Being made to feel welcome by friendly and warm staff. Cultivated ambience with refined relaxation and tranquillity in the wellness area - with a view of the natural scenery of the Schneeberg. Arrive. Switch off. Get started with your holiday on the Schneeberg. We don't just want to spoil you, we want you to feel ultimate relaxation and well-being with us!

Your 4-star superior hotel on the Schneeberg in Lower Austria.

Enjoy your very own feel-good holiday in Puchberg am Schneeberg! Your 4-star superior hotel in Lower Austria for the perfect wellness and vitality holiday. The natural mountain landscape offers breathtaking panoramas and numerous opportunities for active leisure activities, from hiking, biking and running in summer to ski tours, cross-country skiing and winter hiking in the cold season. The salubrious climate will relax your soul and make your heart smile.

In addition, we will spoil you with culinary delights, personal service and homely cosiness. Our newly designed rooms and suites let you leave your everyday life at home and provide the comfort and luxury of a second home.

Wellness on the Schneeberg in a 4-star superior hotel

The 4-star Schneeberghof is an oasis of calm and holiday destination all in one. In addition to wellness to luxuriate in and culinary delights to bite into, a romantic bar, a well-stocked wine cellar, an indoor tennis centre and a passion for detail await you. From the hotel design to personal service during your stay. That's the reason we remember your favourite table in the restaurant, make a note of your wine preferences and know whether you prefer your water still or sparkling.

We pamper body and soul equally with culinary delights and a feast for the eyes, with creations that make every meal a treat. The best ingredients from our region, such as Alpine salmon or Schneeberg region beef, guarantee freshness and an extraordinary taste experience. And off course, we'll have the perfect drop in our wine cellar in the Hotel am Schneeberg.

In the middle of nature in the Schneeberghof in Lower Austria.

The magnificent Schneeberg region beckons through the window. Wake up to a view of the Schneeberg, have breakfast with views of the Schneeberg, and e njoy a panorama of the Schneeberg in the wellness area. You can also enjoy h ikes in the Schneeberg massif, Nordic walking, skiing and cycling around the Schneeberg, and the Schneeberg railway. The pure, unspoiled mountain air in the Puchberg am Schneeberg region is believed to have many health benefits.

Do you like holidays full of peace, relaxation and enjoyment? Do yo u appreciate a touch of romance with a range of leisure activities on the side? Then there's one place for you: the Schneeberghof!


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