Wellness massages in Puchberg am Schneeberg.

Memories of healing hands.


As time slows, the skin is stimulated, nerves activated and muscles relaxed. Then your thoughts will finally stop. Have you thought what it means to put yourself "in someone's hands"? The courage to trust in the "craft" of the therapist. Enjoy the art of healing hands. Treat yourself to some tender loving care for your soul. The tension in the neck, shoulder and pelvic areas is released, thereby accelerating muscle regeneration and promoting blood circulation. Essential oils support the relaxing and detoxifying effect and increase wellness enjoyment.

Schneeberghof massages are holistically beneficial. "Panta rhei" - according to the teachings of Heraklith, life is a constant flow. Just like energy and emotions. With gentle strokes that soften the muscles, tighten the connective tissue and promote blood circulation, the Chi, Tai or simply the deepest and most original life force gets going again and you experience inner flow. Because good design is all about comfort! Maybe even with flying sometimes….

Enjoy a few days in the Schneeberghof wellness hotel and let our great range of massages win you over.

Our massages:

Partial body massage

The classic wellness massage relaxes your muscles, promotes blood circulation and relieves tension. Your skin is stimulated in a hands-on and sensitive manner.

Partial body massage
25 mins | Price: €38.00

Partial body massage with scents
25mins | Price: € 41.00

Full body massage

Touching the hand triggers reactions in the body. The skin functions are stimulated, blood and lymphatic flow are promoted, the elasticity of the ligaments and tendons increases. The aim is to deepen breathing with a properly measured massage and create beneficial relaxation. Pain caused by tension is relieved.

Full body massage
Duration: 50&#;mins | Price: € 66.00

Full body massage with scents
50 mins | Price: €72.00


Hot stone massage

Heat is the key to deep relaxation, and the hot lava stones release blockages and tension. Tired muscles come back into full swing.

Duration: 50 minutes | Price: € 76.00


Anti-stress massage

Escape the stress and hectic pace of everyday life. A pampering programme for your body where you can switch off and recharge your batteries. A very gentle massage with special soothing essential oils, perfect after exertion.

Duration: 45 minutes | Price: € 68.00


Foot reflexology

This is an energetic-reflexive massage, which is carried out on nerve points. It reaches all organs, muscles, the musculoskeletal system and nerves. The massage relaxes, relieves pain, detoxifies and stimulates self-healing powers.

Duration: 25 mins | Price: € 40.00


Lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic system removes all substances in the body tissue. The lymphatic motor system is stimulated by light pressure, the effect is relaxes, detoxifies and relieves pain in many ways.

Lymphatic drainage face
Duration: 25 mins | Price: €44.00

Lymphatic drainage
Duration: 50 mins | Price: €72.00


Hiking relaxation massage

for tired hiking legs.
The leg massage relaxes the muscles and relieves tension. Both as a gentle and strong massage, this treatment has a strengthening effect and is particularly beneficial for regeneration.

Duration: 25 mins | Price: € 38.00

Combination massage

Partial body and foot reflex
A mobilising back massage that enhances relaxation and well-being in combination with an energetic foot reflex zone massage to detoxify and stimulate your self-healing powers.

Duration: 50 mins | Price: € 68.00

Youth massage for everyone aged 10 and over

Gentle, individually tailored partial body massage for our young guests aged 10 and over.

Duration: 25 mins | Price: € 38.00


During a Mukabhyanga massage, body-temperature sesame oil
is spread slowly over the head including face and neck and massaged in with gentle strokes.
Mukabhyanga is a relieving massage for the head, face and neck.

Duration: 50 minutes | Price: € 68.00


Padabhyanga is one of the most important Ayurvedic massage techniques&#;
and is the name of the foot massage in Ayurveda. It is &#;
an extremely beneficial and relaxing treatment, in which feet,&#;
legs and knees are gently massaged with nourishing oil.

Duration: 25 minutes | Price: € 44.00

Herbal stamp massage

A herbal stamp massage is a traditional massage technique.&#;
Delivered by cotton bags filled with herbs, blossoms and sesame&#;,
the essences and aromas have a positive effect on body and mind during the wellness massage.

Duration: 80 minutes | Price: € 110.00

Singing bowl therapy

The vibration unfolds through the shape of the bowl and generates
a penetrating sound. What you hear when you first hit the bowl is &#;
the fundamental frequency of your singing bowl. Overtones may also be audible, depending on the shell.&#;
The more overtones and the more intense they are, the richer the sound spectrum of the bowl.

Duration: 50 minutes | Price: € 66.00


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