Sauna area

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Sauna area

Spend hours relaxing in our diverse sauna area.

Sauna facilities

Moments only for you. Lose yourself in the interplay of your senses and enjoy wellbeing, and pure regeneration, in our versatile sauna facilities which offer 4 types of saunas. Forget the stress and hectic pace of life. Reinvigorate yourself, surrender yourself to the creativity of the warmth. And temper yourself to the temperatures. Take time for yourself and reflect on the eternity of the moment.

Quiet room

Feel the beneficial warmth in the panorama quiet room which has a direct view to the Schneeberg. Experience tranquillity in comfortable relaxing loungers, and make a conscious effort to turn off and leave the stress of daily life behind you.

Tea bar

Exclusive to guests of our hotel, its own tea bar which has fruit and fruit juices in the wellness area, completing the sauna experience. Fresh spring and soda water invigorate body and soul after the trip to the sauna. Relax in a convivial atmosphere with revitalising drinks and vitamins from the fruit basket.

Finnish sauna - 90°C

ven after a few minutes in the Finnish sauna the busiest of days is forgotten about. Switch off, relax and re-energise. A sauna brings body and soul to a natural equilibrium again. And you get to do something for your physical fitness while having fun, perspiring, chatting and bathing. Since the hot experience intensifies your body’s defences and nourishes your skin.

Herbal sauna - 55°C

Gentle perspiration in the herbal sauna. The temperature is around 55°C and the humidity is increased to around 45% using a vaporiser with herbal extracts. The lower temperatures warm the body slowly and are gentle on the circulation.drigeren Temperaturen erwärmen den Körper langsamer und schonen den Kreislauf.

Aromatherapy steam bath - 45°C

Steam baths are popular and above all else they are healthy. It is a bath in which you perspire pleasantly, similar to a sauna, yet with a completely different climate. Not so hot and much more damp. The low temperatures between 43° - 46°C and the relative humidity are ideal for relaxing. And anyone who values beautiful skin, knows that the damp warmth of the steam bath is to be held in high regard. It promotes circulation, cleanses and invigorates the skin.e Haut.

Tepidarium - 38°C

In ancient spas, the tepidarium was a tepid room, somewhere between a cold bath and a hot bath. In our modern bathing areas it is regarded as a regeneration bath, its pleasant radiant heat being a fixed component of healthy relaxation. The pleasant temperature of the room-climate, and a temperature of around 38°C provides a variety of health advantages. Particularly worthy of mention is its effect on gently increasing the strength of the immune system.


A gentle tan is guaranteed in our solarium, which is on the 3rd floor, in the “Health & Beauty” area, in a separate room which has its own shower, so you can relax and regenerate in peace and quiet.

Relaxation Lounge

Comfortable heated benches and a starry sky invite you to relax together. A flatscreen TV with wellness films and music provides relaxation and recovery in an aromatised atmosphere.

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