Curapacao Wellness

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Curapacao Wellness

Curapacao is a wellness therapy for your body and senses

This wellness treatment brings together touch and wellbeing in a very special way. Exclusive products from the forests of Brazil which have exotic aromas, have a positive effect on all the senses. This gets your inner currents flowing and a wonderful connection between body and spirit results. Combined with special stimulating, or wellbeing massages, the last traces of weariness are cast out.

The rain forest – endless resources for beauty, vitality and regeneration. This is where the ingredients for Curapacao come from – that inexhaustible natural source.

  • Curapacao is a wellness treatment for body and soul, is pure life energy, providing a delightful aroma and revitalising energy.
  • Curapacao doesn’t just touch you externally, rather it gets currents within your body flowing and the result is a wonderful connection between body and spirit.
  • Curapacao stimulates the entire body. Your skin is strengthened, well supplied with blood, nourished and ensures visibly rejuvenated, fresh and healthy skin. A treatment after which you feel as though you're in heaven!

Rain Forest facial treatment

Moisturising tropical summer rain for your skin which stimulates your well-being. Curapacao facial treatment with tempting nutty Cubuca butter and a wellbeing head massage to stimulate and increase your vitality.

Duration: 50 min.
Price:  € 75,-

Detox-care from the botanic of the sea

This treatment is against acidity of the metabolism - it relieves and it clears cells and tissue

Duration: 90 min.
Price:  € 90,-

Curapacao body treatment

You are aware of the feeling of gentleness and tranquillity. The exotic scent and sensitive touch generates life energy which gets right under your skin.

Curapacao massage

A sensual voyage of discovery through the fragrant rain forests of the Amazon. Stimulating massage with high quality massage oils, for the whole body.

Duration: 50 min.
Price: € 65,-

Curapacao - Massage Brazilian body

A beneficial luxury therapy for your body and for sensual perception. Stimulating head massage, gentle application of stimulating oils, quiet phase. Activates the skin with indulgent butter preparations (exfoliation), hydroenergetic massage with pure plant oils.

Duration: 90 min.
Price:  € 98,-